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Cayo One Estate

Cayo One Estates, Ltd is CSA's Belizean holding company that owns the group’s 1,986 Hectare (4,905 acres) farm (“Cayo One”).

Cayo One is located 9 miles east of Belize’s capital city of Belmopan, just to the east of Cotton Tree Village and is at miles 41-43 on the George Price Highway, approximately 41 miles west of Belize City.


Cayo One Farm

Cayo One is bordered by the George Price Highway to the South and reaches to within 1,000 meters of the Belize river to the north. Cayo One has a gently sloping topography, gradually falling from a peak of 76 meters above sea level near its southwestern border to a low of 30 meters in its northeastern corner. The 46 meter fall takes place over some 6,000 meters in distance, for an almost ideal average slope of 0.75%   


The Cayo One farm is located near the Belize River. When the bridge is completed over the Belize River, it will provide Cayo One immediate access to the mill at Santander Sugar.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 3.09.19 PM.png

Cayo One is currently completing its Land Development Phase

and the farm is simultaneously being entirely planted in sugarcane.

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 2.04.49 PM.png

As part of its commitment to Belize’s environment, CSA has established and is maintaining an environmental buffer around the property. 

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