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About Belize




Belize, the former British Honduras, is a small Central American country located south of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. It is readily accessible from key Central American/Caribbean [CAC] markets and has many characteristics which, when combined, make it a highly attractive destination for Foreign Direct Investment, including: Geography/Climate, an English-Speaking Culture, a Diverse Population, Political and Economic stability, and Extensive Development Opportunities. 

Geography & Climate


  • 22,975 km² [+/-] , roughly the size of Massachusetts or Wales 

  • Eastern shoreline protected by Belize Barrier Reef; second largest in the world

  • Rivers and creeks provide abundant water sources and accessible aquifers

  • 800,000 hectares [+/-] of land that are potentially suitable for agriculture

  • Mild tropical climate with mean temperatures of 24°C in January and 31°C in July

  • Annual rainfall ranges 1,300 mm in the north to peak of 4,000 mm in the south

  • Mean annual humidity level is 83%

  • December to early June are driest months; mid-June to November are wettest

Political & Economic Stability 


  • Belize Dollar is pegged to the US Dollar at $ 1.00 = BZD 2.00 (since 1976)

  • Consistent economic growth over the past twenty-five years

  • Real GDP grew at 4% [+/-] annually between 1990 and 2008

  • 2018 GDP estimated at $1.92 billion; per capita GDP  $4,860 [+/-] 

  • Unemployment remains a challenge in Belize; the 2018 rate estimated to be 9.4%

  • Belize City (BZE) is the international airport with excellent nonstop flights to

      Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and Newark

English Speaking Culture & Diverse Population 


  • British colony from 1862 to 1981

  • Only CAC country (except certain Caribbean islands) where English is the official language, the British sovereign is the Head of State, and the legal system is derived from British Common Law

  • 75% of population has a good command of English

  • School system, government, and business affairs are conducted in English

  • Diverse population of Mestizos (Maya/European)Kriols, Spanish, Mayas, Garifuna (Afro-Amerindians), Mennonites

  • Young, fast-growing population with 35% of population under 14; median of 22

  • Annual population growth is estimated at 1.9%

Extensive Development Opportunities 

  • 35+ year track-record of political and economic stability

  • Belize offers generous fiscal incentives to encourage Foreign Direct Investment

  • Foreign investors who successfully develop projects in Belize can expect not to be

      subject to arbitrary regulation, taxation, or indeed expropriation

Agriculture Overview & Opportunity 

  • Affordable prime land that is suitable for agricultural development 

  • Abundant low-cost water supplies 

  • Low cost labor (skilled and unskilled) 

  • Business-friendly government and regulatory environment 

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