Our Team

Geoffrey de Sibert

Chairman / CEO


Geoffrey de Sibert has over 35 years of international business and finance experience, having been a board member or partner of securities, banking and investment firms in Paris, London, and the US, and CEO or Managing Partner of US based Medical Software and Real Estate businesses. Mr. de Sibert is a multi-cultural, multilingual executive who has successfully worked at the highest levels of international business and finance. He is a founding investor in BAE through which he is one of CSA’s five largest investors; Mr. de Sibert is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland) and an honors graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Paris, France).

Abram F Dyck

Executive Vice President

Corporate Secretary

Abram Dyck has nearly 30 years’ experience in Belize’s agricultural, international business, and aviation sectors, as well as extensive experience in Belizean local politics and business promotion. He has been joint manager and/or owner of large scale rice, papaya and cattle operations which have employed several hundred workers, as well as manager of a leading crop dusting business. Mr. Dyck is the Vice-President of the Cayo District Sugarcane Growers Association and has served on the boards of the Belize Business Bureau, the Belize Aviation Council, the Belize Agro-Productive Sector Group, and the Blue Creek Credit Union. Mr. Dyck served two terms as Mayor of Blue Creek (Orange Walk District, Belize) and has served on numerous local committees and boards. Mr. Dyck was educated in Manitoba, Canada, holds USA/FAA, Canadian, and Belizean commercial IFR fixed wing certifications, USA/FAA and Belizean IFR rotor-craft certifications, and is currently Belize’s only Belize Civil Aviation Department Designated Examiner for crop dusting.

Board of Directors

Claude Goulet

Non-Executive Director

Claude Goulet has over 25 years of experience in international foreign exchange and commodity markets where he has been a senior level executive at several leading international banks, including HSBC, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. Mr. Goulet is a multi-cultural, multilingual executive who has a deep knowledge of international financial markets and businesses, notably in North America and the Europe/Middle East/Africa areas. Mr. Goulet is also CEO of Siege FX Ltd and Chairman of Accelex Technology Ltd.; he was an original investor in CSA’s July 2014 Offering and is one of CSA’s five largest investors. Mr. Goulet is a graduate of the Université Laval (Quebec City, Canada) with degrees in Actuarial Mathematics.

David Baugh

Farm Operations Manager

David Baugh comes from a multi-generational farming family in Arkansas with long ties to Belize, where David made his home in 2017. David has a strong business background in agriculture, real estate, and hospitality; he comes from a family of independent entrepreneurs who have been successful in many different agricultural sectors, including row crops, livestock, poultry, crop-dusting, and overland freight. David is a proven team manager and has led multi-cultural and multilingual teams in agriculture, production, construction, and sales.

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Abram F Dyck

Managing Director

Hazelita Kuylen

Human Resources Manager

Hazelita Kuylen was born and raised in Belmopan, Belize. Her degree in Business Administration and professional qualifications in Human Resource Management focused her career on helping improve people’s lives, especially in the workplace. Before joining BSA in 2017, Hazelita worked for over a decade for the Government of Belize as well as the private sector, in the areas of banking and telecommunications. Hazelita has played a critical role in the development and implementation of BSA’s human resource policies, including the introduction and implementation of BSA’s health and life insurance coverage, offered to all employees at no cost to them.

Danielle Quan was born and raised in Belmopan, Belize and holds degrees in both Business Science and Information Technology from the University of Belize. Danielle began her career with BSA in 2014 as a finance intern while at University and joined the BSA team full time immediately upon graduation. Danielle has risen to become responsible for BSA’s finance area, working closely with the Group CEO; she has a strong understanding of agricultural accounting, notably under IFRS rules. Danielle led the successful conversion in late 2019 of the CSA group to a Microsoft Dynamics Cloud based accounting platform.

Christopher de Sibert

Christopher de Sibert has over 25 years of experience in international foreign exchange markets where he has been a senior level executive at several leading international banks. Mr. de Sibert is a multi-cultural, multilingual executive who has built a deep knowledge of international financial and business flows, notably in Europe and Latin America. Mr. de Sibert is a Director of the MUFG Bank. Ltd. in London; he was an original investor in CSA’s July 2014 Offering and is one of CSA’s five largest investors. Mr. de Sibert is a graduate of Tufts University (Medford, Mass.)

Non-Executive Director

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Geoffrey de Sibert




CSA Executive Management

BSA Management

Danielle Quan

Finance Manager

Allan S Marson

Non-Executive Director

Allan S Marson has over 30 years of experience in international commodities trading and finance, notably in London and Singapore. Mr. Marson spent 15 years of his career at Goldman Sachs, where he inter alia developed the firm’s Singapore based Asian commodity trading and finance activity into an important profit center. Mr. Marson retired as a Goldman Sachs Participating Managing Director (i.e., Partner) in 2010 and has since served in an advisory capacity on the boards of various international companies; he was an original investor in CSA’s July 2014 Offering and is one of CSA’s five largest investors. Mr. Marson is an honors graduate of Cambridge University (Cambridge, England).